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How would you design your university
if you could start from scratch?


The Facultad Cero Process invites us to rethink and redesign the university in two ways:

1. the identification and discussion of areas needing improvement; and
2. the generation of specific proposals for our university and its environment.

The process consists of a series of conferences and proposal design laboratories with the goal of the co-creation of prototypes by the university community as a whole (students, PAS, PDI) and citizens in general that contribute to improving the University of Granada and the way in which it relates to its environment.


March 21 -> Facultad Cero Process Launch
Creative thinking workshop for the redesign of the university, presentations of projects and ideas for the laboratories.

April 13, 20 and 27 -> Proposal design laboratories

May 14 -> Facultad Cero Forum
Exchange of proposals, round tables and discussions about the Process.

Who will participate?


Do you want to change the university? Do you have an idea? We are looking for you!


Do you have a research group that has a proposal for a laboratory? How can you connect research with social needs? Participate!


How can you improve your workplace? Do you have a subject to propose? We need you!


Citizens are crucial actors in proposal design. Do you have an idea?

Facultad Cero Process Launch

Present your project

Participate in the process launch event

The launch event will take place on March 21 from 9:00 to 13:30 and will include:

1) Creative thinking workshops for the redesign of the university: Design Thinking and Visual Thinking innovation methodologies.
2) Presentation of the Facultad Cero Process.
3) Presentations of projects: 4-8 minutes to share your innovative projects and practices in the university. Are you ready? Sign up here and present your initiative. You have until March 19th.
4) Presentation of ideas or themes for the laboratories.

Sign up to attend the meeting if you want to receive the certificate. Free entry until filled to capacity.

Challenges to transforming the University


The design laboratories for proposals between different groups will begin in April. They are open to any theme that you want to propose. Some examples? How to make the university more feminist, create a proposal about accessibility or mobility, recycling at the university… Do you have another proposal? Tell us! You have until March 12 until March 19.

Why is it different from other participatory processes?

  • Because it is a forum between students, research staff, teachers and administration, , as well as being open to all citizens.
  • Because the proposals will be heard by the university which will adopt them or justify why they cannot do so at this time.
  • Because your ideas have value and are the means by which to construct a better university .
  • Because it is an opportunity to have a more participatory and democratic university.
  • Because it is an opportunity to develop human networks of common interests. Invite whomever you want to take part in the Facultad Cero Process.